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Benefits of Aromatherapy

Although the term Aromatherapy was not coined until the late 1920s, the roots of this widely used method of plant-based therapy run deep throughout our history. The use of essential oils dates back at least one thousand years, though humankind has used aromatic plants for incense, medicine and perfumery for thousands of years.

Aromatherapy/Essential oils can be added as an accompaniment to your therapeutic treatment, providing you with an enjoyable and beneficial enhancement to any session. Upon your request, one of the following choices can be blended into an unscented massage lotion.


Lavender has a refreshing, floral scent and is known as a calming and relaxing flowering herb. The essential oil has frequently been used for insomnia, anxiety and natural stress relief.


Eucalyptus is rejuvenating and invigorating. This essential oil refreshes the mind while relaxing the body. It helps to alleviate physical exhaustion, mental fatigue and stress.

  Roman Chamomile               Bergamot                         Sweet Orange

Refresh Essential Oil Blend
Restoring and soothing for the mind and body. A blend of Roman Chamomile,
Lavender, Sweet Orange and Bergamot


    Tangerine                   Ylang Ylang                  Patchouli               Chamomile

Calming Essential Oil Blend

Ideal for deep relaxation.   Floral, sweet and citrusy.   A blend of
Sweet Orange, Tangerine, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli & Chamomile.


Note: If you are pregnant, nursing, have respiratory problems, taking prescribed medication
or have skin sensitivity, please consult a medical doctor before using essential oils.


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