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Therapeutic Massage
Foot Reflexology

Convenient to Albany, Berkeley, El Cerrito & Kensington, CA

Lorraine "Lori" Sparks
State Certified Massage Therapist
& Foot Reflexology Practitioner 

California Massage Therapy Council
CAMTC Certified/License #6671

Located in Albany, CA

Phone: 510-384-5027


Therapeutic Massage:

Lori knew exactly what to work on and my tolerance. Simply amazing.
Christine R., Realtor, Berkeley, CA

Lori's massage is so relaxing.  She creates a comfortable, caring atmosphere in her sessions. 
Rebecca B., Retiree, Albany, CA

The weight of the world evaporated off my shoulders with Lori's massage.
Cathryn T., Mother/Administrative Assistant, El Cerrito, CA 

I can't remember when I've felt so relaxed. Fabulous massage.
Tamara S., Mother, El Cerrito, CA 

Lori's therapeutic massage drains away tension and stress from the body. I floated out of the room after my massage with her.
Jason S., Psychotherapist, Berkeley, CA


Foot Reflexology:

For me the greatest benefit of Lori's foot treatment is its relaxation quality. I feel an incredible sense of relaxation that lingers long afterward.
George K., Retiree, Berkeley, CA

Lori's foot massage is wonderful. She combined reflexology, which I'd never experienced before. I had no idea I could feel so relaxed from a foot massage.
Marjorie H., Retired elementary school teacher, Berkeley, CA

Reflexology puts me into a calm, relaxed state. It's precious time that I put aside just for myself.
Lisa A., Mom/Paralegal, Emeryville, CA

For most of my life I have suffered from anxiety and accepted that this was the norm. Since having regular foot reflexology treatments, what a difference it has made to my health and spirit.
Michelle B., Retired, Kensington, CA









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