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Are there any medical conditions that would make massage or bodywork inadvisable?

Yes. Massage is not recommended if your medical condition may worsen due to the massage treatment or if the condition is contagious. If you are unsure about your condition, please contact your doctor. Massage is non-invasive, relaxing and natural. It is therefore considered a safe treatment for most people. However, there are three types of contraindications: total, localized and medical.

Total contraindication (when massage is not recommended) -- fever, contagious conditions (including colds and flu), an infectious disease, a strained muscle/sprained ligament* or a
recent operation.

Local (when the massage therapist can massage but not over the affected areas) -- undiagnosed lumps or bumps, varicose veins, bruising, cuts/abrasions, sunburn, undiagnosed pain or inflammation.

Medical (massage can only take place with written approval from your physician) -- cardio-vascular conditions, cancer**, epilepsy, diabetes, aneurysms, blood vessel disease such as blood clots.

Note: If you are under a doctor's care, first discuss with him/her your intention to receive massage therapy or bodywork before making an appointment with the massage therapist. Written approval may be required.

*If you have a strained muscle or sprained ligament, it is best that you stay home and rest. The following website will give you good information: 
Of course, always call your medical doctor for any professional advice.

 **Cancer patients are best treated by practitioners who are specially trained in oncology massage and who know which kind of massage is appropriate. To locate an oncology massage therapist
nearby, go to and click on "find a massage therapist." 

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