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Convenient to Albany, Berkeley, El Cerrito & Kensington, CA

Lorraine "Lori" Sparks
State Certified Massage Therapist
& Foot Reflexology Practitioner
California Massage Therapy Council
CAMTC Certified/License #6671


Gift Certificates
For the Promotion of Health & Wellbeing

A professional massage is pampering, rejuvenating
therapeutic wrapped up in blissful relaxation!

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Therapeutic Massage, 60- & 90-minute sessions
Therapeutic Massage relieves stress-related muscle tension, alleviates fatigue and promotes overall health and wellbeing. Relaxing strokes are integrated with a variety of kneading, friction, circular and cross-fiber techniques that work to loosen along and across the grain of chronically tight muscles. Circulation of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body is greatly improved. You emerge from your session feeling deeply relaxed and re-energized. Therapeutic Massage can be the perfect complement to a personal wellness program and for stress management.

Foot Reflexology, 45- & 60-minute sessions
The art of Foot Reflexology promotes overall health, renews energy and revitalizes hardworking, weary feet. Foot Reflexology resides in the belief that the feet contain reflex pressure points that mirror all systems and organs located in the  body­. By applying pressure to these specific points, waves of healing relaxation are sent throughout. Restorative Foot Massage is incorporated to support foot health. Many experience profound inner calm and stillness from this restful, rejuvenating treatment.

Back & Neck Massage, 30-minute session
Back & Neck Massage targets those areas that accumulate the most stress and tension. This focused treatment also offers pain management and relief for those who experience recurring tension headaches and chronic migraines.

Restorative Foot Massage, 30-minute session
Restorative Foot Massage is a restful, revitalizing treatment that supports foot health.

Combined Treatment, 60-minute session
A tension-relieving 30-minute Back & Neck Massage and a
restful, revitalizing 30-minute Restorative Foot Massage

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