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What Is Foot Reflexology?


Foot Reflexology is a healing art based upon the premise that there is a mini-map of our body reflected in the feet which correspond to all systems and organs in our body. When various reflexive points are manually accessed on each foot following this map, waves of calming energy are sent throughout and therapeutic results can occur in corresponding parts of the body. Tension-relieving Foot Massage is incorporated into the treatment to support foot health.

Reflexology has been used for generations to attain a deep sense of relaxation and to assist the natural healing properties of the body to bring about balance. Around the world and throughout history, Reflexology has been rediscovered time and again. Archeological evidence points to ancient Reflexology practice in China (2704 BC), Egypt (2330 BC) and Japan (690 AD).  

Why is Foot Reflexology so relaxing? A scientific explanation: There are literally millions of nerve endings in your fingers, hands, toes and feet. The pressure applied to these surfaces may send signals that balance the nervous system and release chemicals such as endorphins that reduce stress.

Foot Reflexology can be a great introduction for someone who has never experienced professional bodywork. The client remains fully clothed and only their feet are treated. They recline on a sturdy massage table. A pillow is placed under their head and if requested they are covered with a clean, warm blanket. The first-time client will soon discover how soothing and restorative professional bodywork can be for the body, mind and spirit.

Our feet  support us, bearing the impact of standing, walking, running and sustaining our body weight. From this daily use of joints and muscles, the caring for our feet is  essential. Perhaps it is time to reward them with a revitalizing Foot Reflexology treatment.



Note: The purpose of my Foot Reflexology sessions is to promote health & wellbeing through relaxation. I do not diagnose. Any questions or concerns about your health should be directed to your physician. If you are pregnant, talk with your doctor first and let the reflexologist know. Foot Reflexology is not recommended if you have foot ulcers, injury (i.e. sprained ankle, strained muscle or cuts), a contagious skin condition, gout or blood vessel disease such as blood clots. Please arrive for your treatment with clean feet.
Lorraine "Raina" Sparks
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